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  1. Applicability of the conditions These general conditions form an integral part of all the sales contracts for the products included in the Beepag srl price lists, therefore both the contract concluded with the acceptance of the order and any future contract relating to the supplies of the products of our company ordered with successive and distinct commissions. Unless individual cases in which they have been waived with express written agreements signed by Beepag s.r.l., they will constitute the exclusive discipline of such sales. Changes in the general conditions of sale, transactions and rebates, even if carried out on the initiative of our agents, will be binding on Beepag s.r.l. only after our possible written confirmation and in any case limited to the contracts to which they refer. The placing of the order implies full acceptance of these general conditions of sale.
  2.  Conclusion of the contract – Object of the supply The contract is considered concluded when the proposer or the originator becomes aware of the written consent of the counterparty. The supply only includes the services, materials and quantities specified in our order confirmation or in other written communications from our company. The text of our order confirmation will prevail in any case over the non-compliant text of any offer or order. If in our order confirmation there are differences in the individual elements that make it up with respect to orders or agreements, the buyer who has not contested by registered letter within days. eight from the receipt of the confirmation of these differences, it is required to accept it as it was drawn up. Partial delivery of ordered products does not imply acceptance of the entire order, but only of that part of the products actually delivered. In this case, the receipt of the goods will be equivalent to acceptance by the buyer of the new contractual proposal.
  3. Deliveries Unless otherwise agreed in writing, the delivery of the products and the return of the same in Italy and abroad will take place ex works. In any case, the goods, even if sold ex-works or ex-works of the buyer, travel at the risk and peril of the latter and all our responsibilities cease with the delivery to the carrier, against which the buyer, having carried out the appropriate checks, will have to file any complaints.
  4.  Delivery terms Unless otherwise agreed, all dates indicated as delivery terms must be considered Beepag srl purely indicative and not essential. When changes have been made to the contract, the term remains extended for a period equal to that initially established. Each event of force majeure suspends the start of the term for its entire duration. By way of example but not limited to, the causes of force majeure, strikes and other trade union actions, interruption of energy flows, suspension or difficulty in transport, national or international disorders, impossibility or difficulty in obtaining raw materials or providing to deliveries.
  5. Prices and payment conditions The sales prices of the products are those indicated in the Beepag s.r.l. in force at the time of order confirmation. They are intended in Euros, net of VAT, transport costs and any insurance costs. All prices per m2 and per ml are to be considered for a minimum of 1 m2 or ml. In cases of sales contracts with shared deliveries, the price, if not agreed in writing, will be that of the price list in force at the time of the individual deliveries. The prices shown in the price lists may vary following increases decided by the manufacturers and be modified in the Beepag s.r.l. without any notice. The place of payment is fixed at our administrative headquarters in Campi Bisenzio (Fi), also in the case of issuing bank drafts or receipts, or issuing bills of exchange: any exception to the above will be valid only if granted by us in the form written. The delay in the payment, even partial, of our invoices beyond the agreed deadline will give rise to the immediate commencement of the default interest, calculated at the official reference rate increased by 7 points. Furthermore, failure or delayed payment of invoices, for any reason, entitles Beepag srl, without prejudice to any other initiative, to claim the advance payment of the remaining supplies, or to consider the contract temporarily suspended or definitively terminated and to cancel the fulfillment of any other orders in progress, without the buyer being able to make claims for compensation, indemnity or other.
  6. Solve et repete No exception, except for the nullity, voidability and rescission of the contract, can be opposed by the buyer, in order to delay or avoid payment.
  7. Servant of ownership It is agreed between the parties that the sale of the products is carried out subject to ownership in favor of Beepag s.r.l. until full payment of the agreed price, pursuant to art. 1523 and following of the Italian Civil Code However the risk of perishing passes to the buyer from the moment of delivery of the products. and 59 3 JUNE 2019
  8. Defects and defects – Return of Goods The Customer has the obligation to immediately check, upon receipt of the goods, the status and conformity of the products ordered. Therefore complaints for damage, breakages or lack of packages must be strictly indicated on the relevant DDT. In any case, any complaints for defects in the goods being supplied, as well as those for missing or damaged packages, must be made at the registered office of Beepag s.r.l. in Campi Bisenzio (FI) by registered letter within 8 gg. from receipt of goods. In case of any timely disputes and recognition of defective goods, the responsibility of Beepag s.r.l. will be limited to the obligation to reach his choice, to replace the goods at his expense with another suitable one, or to collect the goods at his expense with a refund of the price if received, and excluding any other compensation for damage, including those deriving from the Beepag srl marketing or use of the products. Returns are not accepted unless previously authorized in writing by the commercial office of Beepag s.r.l.
  9. Warranty All technical data relating to the products sold shown in the catalogs or in other printed matter of Beepag s.r.l. must be considered purely indicative. The equipment produced and / or marketed by Beepag s.r.l. they are normally covered by a twelve-month warranty starting from the delivery date indicated on the relative transport document. Recognition of the guarantee is always subject to verification of the existence of defects of the replaced components by the manufacturer. Damages caused by natural wear and tear, deriving from inexperience, negligence or misuse of the product by the customer are excluded from the warranty, for example. It is understood that Beepag s.r.l. will not be responsible in any way for the lack of productivity due to the delay or failure to deliver the material.
  10. Beepag s.r.l. agents The agents of Beepag s.r.l. promote sales and are not authorized to act in the name and on behalf of Beepag s.r.l. without specific written authorization. Orders sent by agents do not bind Beepag s.r.l. and must therefore be expressly accepted in writing by Beepag s.r.l. same.
  11. Effectiveness of each condition The general conditions of sale shown above must not be understood as pure style clauses. They are effective and faithfully represent the negotiating will of the parties.
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