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Protective Screens with interlocking base supports


Prices excluding VAT Production time: 2-3 days | There is also a self standing version.

Download the customization template here


Bench protective barrier made of transparent plexiglass, with interlocking base supports.

There is also a self standing version.

The transparent plexiglass is characterised by high weather resistance. Very high transparency and high impact resistance.

Protection in transparent plexiglass resistant to impacts and chemical agents.

Designed for protecting counter operators against public contact.

Suitable for reception, pharmacies, supermarket counters, banks, public and private offices, shops and all sales activities.

The solution with the hot-folded supports is supplied with double-sided tape on the lower part to give greater stability security in environments subject to strong winds.

This protection system has been designed to limit the spread of the virus crown by protecting staff at the desk from micro-drops of saliva that could carry viruses and bacteria.

Available in sizes 50x70cm, 60x70cm, 70x100cm, 80x66cm, 100x75cm, 100x86cm, 100x90cm, 120x70cm and customisable up to 120x95cm. To ensure the minimum hygiene standards required in this very difficult period, we recommend daily cleansing with alcohol or alcohol-based detergents.

Production time: 2-3 days.

We can provide customised dimensions, request information from

Please note that the weight mentioned in the ‘additional information’ section always refers only to the single product packed for shipments.

Additional information

Weight N/A
Misura (cm)

100×70, 100×75, 100×86, 100×90, 120×70, 50×70, 60×70, 80×66